New Program Promotes Free Bus Ride for Expecting Mothers in Nepal


It’s a shame how a lot of babies in Nepal die because the mother can’t get her baby to the nearest clinic in time.

It’s either due to the lack of finances or there aren’t many clinics in the country. Good thing, the government established a new program that entitles pregnant women to receive free bus rides to the nearest medical facility. Because of that, they can get there faster. Now, that’s a move that’s expected to save millions of babies in the future. We’re all aware how hospital Porn Discount bills are expensive so they can take all the help they can.


When you’ve lost a child before, you know how painful that feels. Fortunately, this new program decreases the chances of mothers losing their newborn babies. The bus driver will even understand the pain they’re going through if they’re about to give birth. Almost the entire population knows that one of the obstacles to preventing the possibilities of giving a normal delivery is the rough roads. When the bus hits a snag, the mother may lose the child. It’s not a good situation so the bus driver should slow down as much as possible. The program started 13 years ago and now it is continued by the Nepal government. Since then, the Brazzers coupons program has saved more than a million lives. In fact, other than covering the transportation expenses, it also covers hospital bills. That’s definitely good news for those who lost hope in giving birth because they think they can’t afford the expensive hospital bills.

Recently, Nepal made the news for all the wrong reasons as a minister was forced to step down because of a comment he made about Nepal children studying in Bangladesh.

He thought it wasn’t a good decision. He may have apologized but he received a great deal of pressure from his party to step down so he had no choice but to resign. He may have a right to his own opinion but it was something he should have kept to himself. It’s no secret there are a lot of people who didn’t like his comment. It wouldn’t also be good for Nepal’s relationship with Bangladesh. Who knows? They could help each other in so many ways in the future but the minister damaged that.

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As for the prime minister of Nepal, he’s shifted his focus on bigger projects. There’s no doubt this will benefit the country in the long run. One of the projects is the elimination of the litter scattered across the street. That’s definitely a big problem because it can lead to floods when a typhoon enters the country. Another project is the big airport in Pokhara. They enlisted some of the country’s top experts to make it as good-looking as possible.

Of course, it will take time to accomplish that. The organizations assigned to the projects are given deadlines to accomplish their mission. In fact, they’re required to give progress reports to the prime minister would be updated with latest on the developments.